We make animation

And outstanding characters

We are a reli­able and talent­ed ani­m­a­tion stu­dio bas­ed in Vi­borg, Den­mark. We al­ways push to del­iv­er out­stand­ing work and we want to make the world more fun and color­ful. Scroll down to take a look at our lat­est work

  • Fumle & Det Ædle Grundvand

    Made for Viborg Kommune
  • Alans Apartment

    Made for Monkey Tennis
  • Welfare Technology

    Made for Viborg Kommune
  • Nørregade Slik

    Made for Para film
  • Dino Tennis

    Made for Monkey Tennis
  • Milkshakes

    Made for Monkey Tennis
  • Neon Spaceraven

    Made for Monkey Tennis
  • Moon Fireworks

    Made for Reframe Studio
  • Roommate Wanted

    Made for The Animation Workshop
  • Interview

    Made for The Animation Workshop
  • Evolve

    Made for The Animation Workshop
  • Viktor Intro

    Made for Viborg Kommune
  • Trashcan Man

    Made for Monkey Tennis
  • Gamesreel

    Made for Monkey Tennis
  • Packshots

    Made for Monkey Tennis
  • Three Kings High

    Made for Monkey Tennis

About the studio

And the people

Monkey Tennis was established back in late 2014, and now consists of four like-minded writers, directors and artists from Denmark, England, and Switzerland. However; the idea of collaboration came years earlier while all four were studying together at The Animation Workshop. Our studio is located in the creative company cluster “Arsenalet” right next to The Animation Workshop in the wonderful town of Viborg, Denmark. At Monkey Tennis we have a vast network of talented artists and professionals that allows us to bring in the right talent for the right projects.

We are very passionate about story, characters and innovation. And even more so; we are passionate about combining all of these elements in high quality productions that are as engaging, exciting and entertaining for an audience as they are for us to create. Monkey Tennis Animation Studio aspire to bring a unique blend of imagination, talent and humour to the worlds of animation, film, advertising, digital media and beyond. We know that all projects are unique with diverse and contrasting needs and we taylor our approach to each project individually.

  • mikkel okholm

    CEO & Producer

    Mikkel is handling the business development and as a producer he oversees all of the ongoing productions at Monkey Tennis. He co-founded Monkey Tennis together with Frederik and David in the fall of 2014. Mikkels background is from the VFX world of London where he worked for MPC as a 3D artist. He graduated from The Animation Workshop with the film Interview which travelled around the world and picked up a few prizes

  • david crisp

    Creative director

    David is a writer and director as well as production manager at Monkey Tennis. He was born and raised in England but moved to Denmark 6 years ago. He is educated from The Animation Workshop and next to his studies he has been working as a graphic designer and has been in charge of festival distribution at The Animation Workshop. On top of that he has been directing music videos during the last couple of years.

  • frederik storm

    Art director

    Frederik is a renowned character designer and art director who brings his unique visual style to all our productions. Beside his great talent in design and art direction he is also a very talented 3d artist. Frederik is bringing years of experience as a freelance artist, working for studios all across the globe on everything from pitch work to production of commercials and games.

  • adrian walt

    Technical Art Director

    Adrian is the latest addition to the Monkey Tennis team. His extraordinary talent spans wide and covers both highly technical solutions as well as a great artistic eye. Since he graduated with Mikkel and Frederik he has been working in many different productions as both TD and compositor. At Monkey Tennis he is responsible for finding the right technical solutions as well as overviewing the post-production pipeline.