We love animation

And colorful characters

  • Welcome to Monkey Tennis. We are an animation studio, based in Viborg & Copenhagen, Denmark. We aspire to bring a unique blend of imagination, talent and humour to the worlds of animation, film, advertising, digital media and beyond. We know that all projects are unique with diverse

  • and individual needs and we taylor our approach to each project individually. Our services range from fully animated productions to supervision & direction, as well as work for hire in all aspects of a CG pipeline. Scroll down if you want to learn more about us and what we do.

  • Founded out of a love for telling stories and creating fun and engaging characters. Monkey Tennis is where ideas can grow. We always want to get to the core of each new project, reading what is between the lines and bringing that to every aspect of the production. We are based in Viborg in the creative hub Arsenalet, next to The Animation Workshop, with a second office in Copenhagen

  • We work with a highly distinctive network of talented artists, so we always have the right talent for the right project. We provide all aspects of the animation & CG pipeline as well as full productions from beginning to end. Our focus is on character design, creation and animation, but we also offer creative and technical direction and supervision.

  • Mikkel Okholm
    Head of Studio & Co-founder

    Loves creating and bringing ideas to life. Besides having the general overview of the studio and making sure projects are coming in, he helps to keep the creative things on track. Full of ideas and never shy of sharing them.

    Has a questionable sense of humour.

  • Frederik Storm
    Art Director & Co-founder

    Been bringing weird, funny, wonky and relatable characters to life, as designs and later 3D models, since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Worked with clients from all over the world, covering many different styles in everything from commercials and films to games.

    Loves monsters, Ultraman, and synthesizers.

  • Adrian Walt
    Technical Director

    The guy for conquering and solving new problems each day. While doing so, he is always up for a good catchy song which brings him into a good production mood. Has worked on many different kind of projects over the last 5 years and if you can’t find him at work, then he is probably out finding good food or just enjoying the nature.

  • Ian Otto

    Loved ads since he was a kid. Started 2010 in the industry and has gathered much experience in handling larger international projects. Worked with clients such as Samsung, Nike, Mercedes-Benz and Heineken, as well as doing numerous smaller artistic projects.

    Music nerd and oldtimer enthusiast.


We are always on the lookout for new and interesting projects so if you think that Monkey Tennis could be an exciting match for your animated project – please don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch with us.

New clients


Ian Otto / Producer

Phone: (+45) 30 22 96 23



Mikkel Okholm / CEO

Phone: (+45) 93 60 80 45