We love characters

An idea can come from anywhere, and Monkey Tennis Animation Studio is not short of inspiration. Often ideas and inspiration comes to us in form of characters. We are truly a character driven studio.

We approach character design with the same philosophy as the rest of our business. Our characters are simple on the surface, but with such intriguing attention to detail that they have a very real heart and soul underneath.

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From concept to final frame

At Monkey Tennis Animation Studio we always strive to make the transition from idea to final product as smooth as possible. We want to make sure that the final product will feel as alive and vivid as the idea and initial sketches. We love creating and we want to make sure that this always shines through to the final product.

We are always open to projects, big or small, and we take on each task with immense creative energy and a desire to produce the best possible output for any screen.
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In a dynamic environment

At Monkey Tennis Animation Studio we have a vast network of talented artists and professionals that allows us to bring in the right talent for the right projects. In other words, we can tailor the team to any given project.

Our studio is located at the company cluster Arsenalet in Viborg. Because of this we can easily and quickly expand to meet any production requirements.

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