Christmas cookies

In late 2016 Monkey Tennis decided to wish the world a merry Christmas, with an animated Christmas card. What better way to do that, than by settling down in front of a roaring fire around the Christmas tree and offering everyone a Christmas cookie or two?

Production Stills

The Approach

The idea came about from a sketch of a cookie, that was also a dinosaur. We wanted to encapsulate the spirit of Christmas while being cute, funny and cozy at the same time. So we wrote the script to encompass a second cookie helping out his friend as he is struggling. The little animation was also meant as a subtle homage to one of the most classic animations, that is played every year on Christmas eve in Denmark - Bambi learning how to stand on ice.

The Team

  • Director
    Monkey Tennis

  • Producer
    Mikkel Okholm

  • Art Director
    Frederik Storm

  • Animation
    Pedro Ivo Carvalho

  • CG Artists
    Mikkel Okholm, Adrian Walt, Frederik Storm

  • Sound Design
    Mikkel Okholm