“Erhversrådet” is a short 3D animated film campaign that Monkey Tennis produced for local business councils all over Denmark. Mixing fun and simple characters with infographics, the film is aimed towards new start-ups, existing companies that may need some help or advice as well as anyone who is thinking about starting a new business.

Production Stills

Client: Dansk Erhvervsfremme

The local business council in Viborg approached us with the idea for a universal film that would highlight and promote the services they offer to new and exsisting businesses alike, across the Jutland area. The film is also designed to be adaptable in such a way that individual regions can taylor it to their specific needs.

The Approach

The approach for the film was to have a simple, but universally recognisable style for the characters, so the public all over Denmark can relate to them personally. The film is all about the people, and the services they offer, so these must be the focus and therefor no need for elaborate environments.

Production Artwork

The Team

  • Director
    Adrian Walt

  • Producer
    Mikkel Okholm

  • Art Director
    Frederik Storm

  • Animation
    Quentin Dubois

  • CG Artists
    Adrian Walt, Frederik Storm

  • Sound Design
    Mikkel Okholm

  • Music

  • Voice Artist