A dimwitted young man arrives at the interview for the most important job of all time. He does not know what the job is about but he knows that he wants it. In spite of nervousness and confusion, he retains a completely irrational level of optimism and is determined to make a good impression. Through the cruel and ridiculous methods of the unwavering interviewers, he is tested in outrageous ways to determine his qualities. As the interview progresses towards absolute absurdity a choice which will eventually affect the entire mankind has to be made.

Production Stills

Client: The Animation Workshop

"Interview" is a graduation film from The Animation Workshop. The core team at Monkey Tennis worked on this film and this is where we all worked together for the first time. The film premiered in January 2014 but it was produced during our last year of study in 2012/2013.

The Approach

"Interview" was conceived and pitched by Mikkel Okholm, Frederik Storm and Kasper Larsson back in early 2012. It was then selected as one of the 6 graduation films that went into production in August 2012. Through a lot of difficult development and concept work, the film finally began to take its current shape in late 2012, where the team began to build and animate in 3D. The production finished in June 2013. Throughout the process of making this film, the story took many different directions, but the overall concept stayed the same throughout - it was going to be a job interview for the first man on earth.

The Team

  • Director
    Mikkel Okholm

  • Producer
    The Animation Workshop

  • Art Director
    Frederik Storm

  • Animation
    Camilla G. Pedersen, Mikkel B. Frandsen, Helena S. Carius, Mads Bjerregaard

  • CG Artists
    Adrian Walt, Frederik Storm, Mikkel Okholm, Kasper Larsson, Esben Rasmussen, Unnur Jonsdottir

  • Sound Design
    Thomas R. Christensen, Thomas Ahlmark

  • Voice Artists
    Nick Toop, Nick White, Brian Patterson