What started as a fun animation experiment ended up as a fully fledged, 3:50 minutes music video based on a track by Simon Jonas Larsen. Being more of an abstract piece, the running theme throughout is the hard working horse who has a mental meltdown at work, which results in some rather strange hallucinations.

Production Stills

The Approach

The style choice made it possible to create a lot of content in a very short time, while still having something that felt interesting and fresh. The project was directed by Frederik Storm, who also edited, designed, animated and build the assets. He had help from Sophie Refshauge Møller, who was co-editor and also created and came up with ideas for shots. Finally Frederik Troels-Smith, did the horse clap animation in the end.

The Team

  • Director
    Frederik Storm

  • Producer
    Frederik Storm

  • Art Director
    Frederik Storm

  • Animation
    Frederik Storm, Frederik Troels-Smith

  • CG Artists
    Frederik Storm, Sophie Refshauge Møller

  • Music
    Simon Jonas Larsen