Fumle & The nasty rats

Fumle is back, along with his cousin Bumle. Unfortunately, this time they brought with them some unwanted friends; the nasty rats! The rats have moved in and taken over, but is there something that can be done to prevent this? Watch and learn together with Fumle and Bumle as they find out how to best deal with this problem before it starts, with a little help from their friendly neighborhood rat catcher.

Production Stills

Client: Viborg Kommune

After the success of our groundwater campaign in 2016, Monkey Tennis were once again approached by Viborg Kommune to produce a selection of informative films in the same universe. This time the subject was how to protect yourself against the growing rat infestation. Two 3D films were produced along with a series of 6 shorter, explainer 2D films. The municipality also made a website around the campaign that you can see here: www.rotteangreb.dk

The Approach

Building on the experiences form our first film with Fumle, our approach was very similar to this time around, except we split the heavy information into six smaller, bite size films. This was firstly to make sure the information is easily understandable, but also because it retains the viewers attention when the films are focused on one thing, keeping them interested to find out more from the next film.

Production Artwork

The Team

  • Director
    Frederik Storm

  • Producer
    Mikkel Okholm

  • Art Director
    Frederik Storm

  • Animation
    Camilla G. Pedersen, Pedro Ivo Carvalho, Jonas B. Mikkelsen

  • CG Artists
    Bastian L. Strube, Adrian Walt, Frederik Storm, Mikkel Okholm

  • Sound Design
    Thomas R. Christensen (Audio Gangsters)

  • Voice Artist
    Grom Bull