Nørregade Call Centre

What happens when your parents steal your candy? Of course you call the Nørregade Candy Call Centre and speak with Licorice Mouse, Fat Moon, and Pip Bird. These guys will always help you find new and exciting ways to prevent your candy being taken away from you. They take their jobs very seriously as you can see below…

Production Stills


Monkey Tennis was approached by Parafilm to produce two commercials for the Danish candy company; Nørregade. The concept and script were already in place and we were brought on board to produce the 3D animation part of the commercials based on the concepts and storyboards that Parafilm provided.

The Approach

The approach was fairly straightforward, Parafilm already had an animatic in place using the character designs from Nørregade, of their popular sweets. We reproduced these designs in 3D and animated from the storyboards.

Production Artwork

Below is a selection of story panels and the character design we were given to produce the animation. These worked as a guideline to show the camera angles and facial expressions of the various shots and characters for each of the films. Produced at Parafilm. There is also some look tests and images from the production.

The Team

  • Director

  • Producer Monkey Tennis
    Mikkel Okholm

  • Art Direction / Design

  • Animation
    Karsten Hoop, Pedro Ivo Carvalho

  • CG Artists
    Adrian Walt, Frederik Storm, David Crisp, Mikkel Okholm

  • Sound Design

  • Voice Artists

  • Live-action part