Quantum Heroes

Flame Blade and Sea Kaiju are locked in an infinite battle that rages through the entire galaxy. The evil Space Freak, Sea Kaiju, arrives on Earth and plans to wreak ultimate havoc on our tiny planet. But, in a special robo-suit from the outer cosmos, the Quantum Hero, Flame Blade, arrives to protect the universe from these deep space terror attacks… but is he already too late!?

Production Stills

The Approach

In the first year of our internship program, we invited Irina and Quentin to make a film within the universe of Quantum Heroes. The idea and concepts came from two characters that Frederik Storm had made earlier and both Quentin and Irina did a terrific job working with the characters and universe of Quantum Heroes and the collaboration between the two french directors and the team and supervision at Monkey Tennis was excellent. After the internship ended, the team at Monkey Tennis finished up the production, adding the final touches, the cool effects as well as sound and music. The sound design and theme song is made by the talented Thomas R. Christensen from Audio Gangsters. We spend a fun day in the studio recording our voices and Thomas then put it all together with an amazing theme he came up with for the film.

Monkey Tennis: Internship

  • Quantum Heroes is a short film by Monkey Tennis made in collaboration with two very talented animators, CG artists and directors, Quentin Dubois and Irina Nguyen. They took their internship with us in the summer of 2016, from MOPA in France. “Surrender to the might of Quantum Heroes!”

  • Before the launch of the film we made a teaser for the project that you can see below. It includes some of our best reference footage that we shot for the animation. The teaser was edited and put together by David Crisp, it was animated by Pedro Ivo Carvalho and rendered by Adrian Walt.

The Team

  • Directors
    Quentin Dubois & Irina Nguyen

  • Producer
    Mikkel Okholm

  • Art Director & Design
    Frederik Storm

  • Animation
    Quentin Dubois

  • CG artists
    Irina Nguyen, Adrian Walt, Frederik Storm

  • FX
    Adrian Walt

  • Sound Design
    Thomas R. Christensen (AudioGangsters)

  • Voice artists
    Frederik Storm, David Crisp, Mikkel Okholm

  • Theme song by
    Henrik Isaksen & Thomas R. Christensen